Ambroise is a network of houses to rent, inspired by those of art collectors. Located in European cultural capitals' most charming and eclectic neighbourhoods, Ambroise merges the luxury of a prestigious hotel with a homey environment.


An inspired home in which art prevails: from the walls to rooms, rare objects, exceptional furniture and bespoke accessories meet perfectly. Ambroise brings together remarkable talents for an extraordinary artistic & sensorial experience, so as to feel at home and in a collector’s home all at once.


Ambroise is your dream home, where beauty rules.


To foster your sensibility,

To stimulate your ability to contemplate,

To experience beauty.

An aesthetic emotion,

An unusual pleasure, not simply sensual or purely intellectual,

An enjoyment that you cannot explain,

Ambroise invites you on a journey within yourself.


Aesthetes and intrigued guests, welcome!

A renown collector, friend of artists and art dealer, Ambroise Vollard (1866 - 1939) had a profound influence on the history of modern art. 

A visionary who discovered Gauguin, Cézanne and Picasso among others, the man who claimed to be « just an art collector » disturbed the rules by supporting artists in their total creative freedom. 

Ambroise Collection is inspired by the legacy left by this illustrious figure, and draws its fundamental values from it: excellence « à la française », the promotion of young artistic talent, audacity and innovation!